Madden 09 review video (Xbox 360, PS3)

Madden 09 for Xbox 360Madden NFL 09 promises to take authenticity and depth of gameplay to an entirely new level with more than 85 new features and enhancements, including the all-new Virtual Trainer tutorial mode. Utilizing a holographic environment, this mode teaches gamers simple concepts about playing football and how to use the controls in quick, fun and stylized drills. Check out our Madden 09 cheats and tips page for more info on the features.

In Madden NFL 09, the game engine is continually assessing the player’s performance and adapst a custom experience to every type of gamer, from newcomer to the veteran Madden NFL player. Madden NFL 09 also features a network-inspired broadcast presentation. Players benefit from the authentic football knowledge of an in-booth play-by-play and color commentary team featuring Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond. In addition, numerous graphical enhancements have been made, including realistic weather and grass, sleeker player models and exterior stadium views.

The sports game also gives gamers the ability to create online leagues. Avid Madden NFL fans can now take their rivalries online and compete in leagues with up to 32 teams. Online league play features in-depth stat tracking, player trades and a flexible scheduling option.

EA has gone the extra mile with this year’s Madden, but is it a step in the right direction? Find out in this Madden NFL 09 review video.

To quote the video review: “John Madden left the broadcast booth some time ago, and despite an increased presence in 09, his headset remains dormant. At least play-by-play has been included this time around, though Tom Hammond’s deadpan delivery isn’t much of an improvement over the radio announcer from last year. Cris Collinsworth handles the color commentary and does a fine job, but where he really excels is in the backtrack feature, which points out mistakes you made with a startling accuracy.

The Madden series is a seesaw every year as it inevitably adds features that are hit or miss while failing to address long standing issues. Madden NFL 09 is no different. There’s a whole lot of game here, but that was true last year, and for every gameplay improvement there’s something annoying to dampen the enthusiasm. It’s still an excellent football game, but the casual player is going to like it a lot more than the grizzled vet.”

Design — 9.3
Gameplay — 7.9
Presentation — 8.9
Overall — 8.7

Second opinion: “Madden’s the sports-gaming superpower, so it’s hard not to nitpick some of this stuff. But even with the listed complaints, this is a football game that one-ups the stakes between the sidelines, and it’s so visually impressive that it’s likely to stick in your system all season long — even on Saturdays.”
Overall — 10

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