Unlock Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Classes, Clan Abilities and FFXII Espers

9 August 2008
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Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for DSFinal Fantasy Tactics A2 for DS doesn’t contain any cheat codes, so here is a list showing you how to unlock various aspects for the game, including addition Classes and Clan Abilities, as well as Espers from Final Fantasy XII.

Unlockable Classes

Arcanist: Complete The Nu Mou Nobles Quest
Assassin class: Complete the Veis Assassin Quest
Beastmaster: Complete the Knowing the Beast Quest
Cannoneer: Complete the Bangaa Brotherhood Quest
Chocobo Knight: Complete the Popocho’s Chocobos quest
Dragoon: Complete Kyrra, Dragoon
Fighter: Complete “To be a Fighter”
Flintlock: Complete “Of Kupos and Cannons”
Fusiler: Complete the Goug Consortium Quest
Geomancer: Complete the “Geomancer’s Way” Quest Chain
Green Mage: Complete the Green Dominion Quest
Heritor: Complete the “Gifted” Quest
Heritor (alternatively): Talk to Lezaford and go to Zeldei Woods before fighting Illua 3rd
Lanista: Complete “A Lanista’s Pride”
Master Monk: Complete Banbanga!
Parivir Complete “The Eastwatch” Quest
Raptor Complete “Instrument of Inspiration”
Ravager Do the “Ravager” Quest
Scholar Complete the Treasured Tomes Quest
Seer: Complete the Cat’s Meow Quest
Spellblade Complete the “To Be a Spellblade” Quest
Trickster: Complete the Sleight of Hand Quest
Viking : Complete the Lord Grayrl! Quest

Unlocking Espers from Final Fantasy XII

The Esper summons of Final Fantasy XII can be unlocked by doing certain Quests in Final Fantasy Tactics A2. They can then be summoned as long as you have a full Smash Gauge.

Adrammelech: Complete “The Moorabella Cup”
Belias : Complete “The Camoa Cup”
Chaos: Complete “The Loar Cup”
Cúchulainn: Complete, “The Odalia Cup”
Exodus: Complete, “The Jylland Cup”
Famfrit: Complete, “The Goug Cup”
Hashmal: Complete “The Fluorgis Cup”
Mateus: Complete “The Graszton Cup”
Shemhazai: Complete the event “Of a Feather”
Ultima: Complete “Hunted”
Zalera: Complete “The Last Step”
Zeromus: Complete “The Five Kings”
Zodiark: Complete, “A Lasting Peace”

How to Unlock Additional Clan Abilities

Here is a list of the various Clan Abilities you can unlock during the beginning “Luso’s Summer Journal” sequence where you have to answer three questions. Simply answer using the following list to unlock the corresponding Clan Ability.

AP Up 1: B, C, C
Clan Up 1: B, B, C
Evade Up 1: B, A, A
EXP Up 1: B, C, B
Gil Up 1: B, A, C
Lucky 1: B, A, B
Power Up 1: B, B, B
Smash Up 1: B, B, A
Speed Up 1: B, C, A

How to Unlock the Clan Ability Libra Early

You can acquire the clan ability ‘Libra’ at the start of the game by having a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in the GBA slot of your DS when you start (or load) a new game. Thus giving you the ability earlier than you could normally obtain it.

Bonga Bugle – Goldsun: Secret Treasure

If you use a Knockback ability on the Head Editor and move Luso to where he was standing, the treasure detector will go off to reveal a special item with a little message telling of how it is the ‘Special Bonga Treasure.’


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