Bangai-O Spirits producer interview and trailer from E3 2008

18 July 2008
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Pre-Order Bangai-O Spirits for Nintendo DSBangai-O Spirits is coming, let the rebirth begin! The cult-classic shooter from beloved Japanese developer Treasure is set to hit the DS on August 12th, 2008 in this re-imagining of what many consider to be one of the Dreamcast’s best games, Bangai-O!

The original game from 1999 is best known for having you collect pieces of fruit that let you build up your power meter and when it’s filled up completely, you can unleash a gigantic barrage of missiles on to your enemies (outside of firing your regular lasers). The more enemies are nearby the higher the missile count!

The twitch-fest shooter gameplay in Bangai-O Spirits (which is not a remake of the original but a mostly all-new version) includes more than 160 levels, punishing supermoves, exclusive content for the Western version, and a sensory overload of fireworks on-screen. Bangai-O Spirits also boasts a powerful level editor tool, local wireless multiplayer for up to four players and the pioneering new Sound Load technology.

Check the game out in this trailer and developer interview below.

Bangai-O Spirits Trailer

Bangai-O Spirits Producer Interview


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