Microsoft E3 2008 press conference Xbox 360 details: Spring Dashboard update adds avatars and channels, Scene It 2, You’re In The Movies, Lips, Rock Band 2 exclusivity, original Banjo-Kazooie

14 July 2008
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E3 LogoThe Microsoft E3 2008 press conference was held today and showed off a ton of new footage and some new game announcements.

Here’s a list of the keynotes:

* Fallout 3 “is a huge game with over a 100 hours of gameplay.” You can go to the top of the Washington Monument if you can be bothered.” There will be “substantial downloadable content for Fallout 3 and it will be exclusive to Xbox 360 and Windows PC.”
* Resident Evil 5 will be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as a worldwide simultaneous release on Friday the 13th, 2009. It will feature online co-op.
* Fable 2 features instant online co-op at any point during the campaign. Expect the game in October 2008.
* Gears of War 2 has a badass new trailer. New co-op gameplay hinted at enemy animals like the Reaver and Brumak being controllable in-game. New mode: Horde 5 player co-op. Gears of War 2 will be available exclusively on Xbox 360 worldwide on November 7th, 2008.
* Video games are now the biggest entertainment form at $48 billion this year. Bigger than box office, music, and DVD sales.
* 5+ million in hardware sales in US. 3rd party revenue on Xbox 360 outpaced Wii and PS3 last year. Confident will sell more than PS3 this year.
* Xbox Live members have increased from 6 million last year to 12 million right now. A new member joins every 5 seconds. Consumers have downloaded more than half a billion pieces of content off Xbox Live and spent over $1 billion.
* More than 10,000 movies & tv shows on Xbox Live. Worlds largest provider of on-demand Hd movies & TV shows! A third of all xbox live paid downloads are movies & tv shows. New movie & tv partner: NBC, Universal Studios (NBC, USA Network, Sci-Fi Network)
* A Dashboard Spring update will add: 3D avatars will be added to your profile (like the Wii’s Miis). The interface will be redesigned. A new Community channel shows your online friends. The Primetime channel is a Endemol partnership to broadcast live TV shows like 1 VS 100, Xbox Live Trivia that you’ll play against all of Xbox Live, where you can win actual prizes. You can create a party of friends and jump into games with them, like the new Uno Rush. New My Xbox Software channel makes the Dashboard more fun, social, simpler to use.
* Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace on August 6th, 2008. It features 4-player modes locally.
* A classic returns with Galaga Legions exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade. It’s the first true sequel to the game from team that brought you Pac-Man: Championship Edition.
* Portal: Still Alive is coming exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade with brand new levels and achievements.
* South Park is also getting a new game for Xbox Live Arcade.
* Xbox Live Community Games: First wave of Independent Games will be coming soon.
* Microsoft will partner with Netflix movie rental for no additional costs if you’re already a Netflix and Xbox Live Gold member, meaning it’s an Instant Queue. You can share your movies with your Xbox Live party friends to watch movies together!
* The first downloadable episode of Grand Theft Auto IV will come out later this year.
* The original Banjo-Kazooie (and Banjo-Tooie?) will be released on Xbox Live Arcade.
* Viva Pinata 2: Trouble In Paradise has a new feature called Pinata Vision, which uses the Xbox 360 Vision Camera to scan real-life cards to import new Pinatas into the game.
* Scene It 2: Box Office Smash will be released on Xbox 360 with online multiplayer and you can add more quizzes via downloadable content. Supports avatars.
* You’re In The Movies (which includes an Xbox Live Vision Camera) is an Xbox 360-exclusive that allows you to play in B-movies though various mini-games and improvisations, which play like Eye Toy games. Those videos will be edited (via a director’s mode) into fun B-movies, which you can share with the rest of the world by uploading them.
* When Guitar Hero: World Tour launches this fall, Xbox 360 gamers will be able to get a free REM song pack with 3 songs from their upcoming new CD. Eagles and Van Halen songs plus Metallica’s Death Magnetic album will also appear exclusively in this music-rhythm game only.
* The Lips karaoke music game for Xbox 360 will come with light-up, motion sensitive, wireless microphones. It’s the first game to let you sing along to your own music collection.
* Rock Band 2 will premier exclusively for Xbox 360 in September 2008, includes the debut of Guns N Roses and lots of others. Over 500 songs available by the end of the year.
* Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada announced:
Infinite Undiscovery exclusively for Xbox 360 with a release date of September 2nd in America, 5th in Europe, and 7th Japan & Asia.
— Collaboration between Microsoft, Square Enix & Tri-Ace. Who teamed up for Star Ocean: The New Hope that’s set for release in the Spring of 2009.
The Last Remnant available on Xbox 360 first on November 20th, 2008, worldwide. It will also be available on Games for Windows PCs.
Final Fantasy 13 has been confirmed for release on Xbox 360! But it hasn’t received a release date yet.


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