Fallout 3 video shows 4 minutes of gameplay footage from E3 2008

14 July 2008
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Pre-Order 'Fallout 3 - Exclusive Amazon.com Edition' for Xbox 360A new gameplay video for Fallout 3 was shown at E3 2008 during Microsoft’s Pre-E3 Press Conference. In the new video you get to see 4 minutes of all-new gameplay footage!

Fallout 3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic Washington DC in the year 2277. In the video the player has just left Vault 101, where no one ever enters and no one ever leaves. The game can be played in either first or third-person (at the press of a button). You will see the iBot, which broadcasts the word of the Enclave, the last remnants of the U.S. government.

On the player’s wrist is the Pittboy 2000, which lets you check your stats, skills you can raise, and Perks. In the video he uses the Bloody Mess perk . . . which is pretty self-explanatory. You also can select your various weapons and radios from the Pitboy 2000. The radio lets you pick up broadcasts in the world, from the Enclave and others.

As far as gameplay is concerned, you can play the game in many different ways, stealth, action or what have you and be a good or bad person. Or somewhere in between. When in combat, you can either target and shoot in real-time or you can pres the Right Bumper to use VATS, the Vault-tech Assisted Targeting System. This system makes the game turn-based, where you can queue up moves on different parts of the enemy’s body and then press the A Button to see what happens. You must also find food and water to keep yourself alive.

The developers claim there’s over 100 hours in this huge, open-ended world, that allows you to do things like walk down to the Washington Monument in the center of Washington, DC and ride the elevator all the way to the top . . . just for fun.

Check out the video and make sure you watch to the end to see The Fatman (a mini-nuclear bomb catapult weapon) in action.

Fallout 3 will be available for the PS3 and PC in addition to the Xbox 360 version. It releases on October 7th.


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