Wario Land: Shake It Wii controller gameplay demo. “This could be a platform fan’s dream game.”

13 July 2008
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Pre-order Wario Land: Shake It for WiiWario Land: Shake It’s controls make use of the Wii Remote in NES-style horizontal fashion. You move Wario with the Directional-pad as well as make him duck and crawl through low passages, he jumps with 2 and dashes with 1.

These classic gameplay controls are combined with the Wii Remote’s motion controls: You can make Wario smash the ground by shaking the controller; When you grab a money bag, you can make Wario shake it to release coins; The Wii Remote’s positioning technology by tilting (not aiming at the screen) the controller to make Wario precisely toss enemies that he’s grabbed;

Over all, the first impressions say that Wario feels fast and fluid because of the smooth controls. The shaking of the money bags do slow the gameplay down a bit, but it’s a satisfying mechanic none the less. The first hands-on by IGN concludes “this could be a platform fan’s dream game.”

See the controls, environments, bosses, and special powers of Wario’s latest quest of greed in this gameplay demo.


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