Second Return to Castle Wolfenstein coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. First details

12 July 2008
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein for PCThe latest issue of American gaming magazine Game Informer has the world premiere of the second Wolfenstein game (for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) after Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001).

Kintaro transcribed the below first details on the game and mentioned it’s a nice looking game with impressive lighting.

* Publisher: Activision, Developer: Raven Software / ID Software.
* Takes place in WWII against Nazi’s fully dabbling in the occult.
* BJ Blaskowitz (the hero) will also make use of supernatural powers.
* Game gives you a city in which the game takes place. Missions and quests take you through different parts. As you complete quests, more of the city opens up. Kind of a non-linear path.
* Set piece and randomly generated activity block your path.
* There is an AI resistance force that will assist you during the game at times. Likely similar to the resistance forces in Metal Gear Solid 4.
* You will also enter “The Shroud”, an alternate reality version of the city. A dimension in which the Nazi’s are drawing power from.
* For a few more tidbits, take a look at a year-old Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2 impressions from a motion-capture actress.


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