Hasbro Family Game Night classic board games collection announced for Wii and PS2

11 July 2008
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Connect Four with Mr. Potato Head - Hasbro Family Game Night Screenshot

Hasbro Family Game Night has been announced for Wii & PS2. It is a collection of family friendly board games that includes Hasbro classics you know and love as well as a soon-to-be-released new Hasbro board game called Sorry! Sliders. It will be released this Autumn 2008.

Battleship, Connect Four, Sorry! & Trouble 4-in-1 Game Pack for DSThe game is hosted by Mr. Potato Head and takes place in the “family living room”, where you will see the board for whatever game you are playing displayed. Games available in Hasbro Family Game Night include Battleship, Yahtzee, Boggle, Connect Four, Sorry! and the aforementioned Sorry! Sliders. The game supports up to four-players with Yahtzee, Boggle, Sorry! and Sorry! Sliders and two players for Connect Four and Battleship.

All games are available in the original classic mode, or with new added twists. In normal Connect Four, for example, you use the Wii Remote (in the Wii version, naturally) to drop red or black checkers into plastic columns as you try to line-up five of the checkers before the other player does. The special mode has random checkers that appear as power ups. The power-ups include the ability to lock the other player from dropping checkers in a column, or blowing up surrounding pieces.

Other special twists on the classic board games include “Portal Cubes” for Boggle, “Reverse Yahtzee” and “Battleship Barrage” (no description on exactly what these modes are, but they are pretty self-explanatory).

Sorry! - The Simpsons Edition boardgameAs for Sorry! Sliders, it has players swinging the Wii Remote to slide small Sorry pieces down the board. The object is to try and get the piece to stop as close to the center of the board as possible. Each player takes turns, trying to both slide their pieces into position and knock their opponents pieces away. Each round ends with players using the scored points to move their pieces to home.

Additionally, you can unlock new settings, themes, trophies, furniture and other decorations for the living room to give it a unique look. As you play more stuff will be unlocked. Hasbro Family Game Night also features a Party Mode that gives players the ability to customize each board game how they see fit by making custom rules. This includes setting the number of desired players, the games, and a time limit. There are also Party Mode mini-game challenges that include Match the Pattern, Shake for Words and Bomb Run. Again, no details on exactly what these modes are.

“We’re giving families a new way to bond and play together,” said Chip Lange, Vice President and General Manager of EA’s Casual Entertainment Label. “Hasbro Family Game Night offers parents and their children a digital party experience full of classic brands they know and love. Between original and new rule settings, an easy-to-play party mode and a customizable game room feature, the variety and choice promise hours of fun family play.”


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