Far Cry 2 video demonstration by Ubisoft lasts 24 minutes

30 June 2008
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Pre-order Far Cry 2 for PCA new video for a Far Cry 2 demo clocks in at 24 minutes and extensively shows off the game world. Skip to the bottom of the page to watch it right away, read on for more info on what’s being shown in the video.

In case you haven’t heard, Far Cry 2 is entirely open-ended and non-linear (like Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, Just Cause or STALKER), instead of using individual maps. It takes place in a sprawling, nondescript land in Africa with all different types of terrain. The gameplay area is huge, at around 50km2. The environment is extremely realistic as well; The team actually spent 2 weeks in several locations in Africa filming and photographic the native wildlife in order to use the animal and environmental footage to create extremely realistic environments.

The protagonist of previous Far Cry games, Jack Carver, will not be featured in this game. Instead you get nine different characters, each unique with a different look and backstory. Whoever you don’t pick to play as becomes NPC friends of yours in the game.

The goal of the player’s character will be to find and assassinate “The Jackal”, an arms dealer that has been selling weapons to both sides of the conflict that’s tearing apart a small fictional African country. The way this is done, however is entirely up to the player, being possible to ally with anyone he/she chooses.

Various factions and vehicles will be featured; enemies will include human mercenaries, but sci-fi creatures such as the mutants from Far Cry will not be featured. Furthermore, the player’s feral abilities introduced in Far Cry Instincts and its expansions will not be returning in Far Cry 2. A dynamic weather system has been added that varies the weather based on the players ability – if the player is doing exceptionally well the sky will be clear and sunny, but if problems arise the sky will become dark and stormy.

Graphical updates include extremely realistic breaking of trees and vegetation, even topping that of the first game, including the ability to shoot leaves and branches off trees. The trees themselves can even grow back. The game also features the dynamic propagation of fire and volumetric wind effects capable of breaking vegetation and spreading fire. And naturally, man-made objects and building are highly destructible as well.

Far Cry 2 will be much more realistic with the player having to use a map and compass to get around, and more life or death related features such as having to use tools to dig bullets out of the body and pat themselves down when on fire. Several species of African wildlife can be encountered in the game, and will be able to distract the enemy as well as make them aware of your presence.

In the video below, Ubisoft developers also showcased some new game play mechanics, such as weapon jamming, vehicle damage, propagating fire, destructible environments, adaptive enemy artificial intelligence, as well as day and night cycles, and dynamic weather. Check it out:

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