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17 June 2008
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Alone in the Dark for Xbox 360Making its return 14 years after the original, Alone in the Dark features a gripping story, design inspired by contemporary TV action dramas, and original gameplay based on real world rules physics. Atari’s action survival opus Alone in the Dark will launch across Europe on 20 June and in America on June 24th for Xbox 360, PC, Wii and PS2, with the PS3 version following later in 2008.

The following walkthrough of Alone in the Dark chapter 6 shows what you can do in Central Park. From the interactivity of objects (and vehicles) that are lying around towards your enemies, and combining inventory to make new weapons, to using the environment to your advantage.

An introduction to The Making of Alone in the Dark. Shocking to find out that their early build was…

The main Alone in the Dark features are:

* The game is constructed around a unique episodic format. Each episode will conclude with a cliffhanger ending and, once the player leaves the game, a teaser of the next episode will appear. Every episode will also have video summaries which retell the player about the previous episode when a saved game is loaded, allowing them to quickly remember what objectives they have to complete.

* The game is open-ended and expansive. One such feature is the hot-wiring mini game. In one dire moment, the character may need to commandeer a car by hot-wiring. This will initiate a mini game, where Edward will rip the wires out of the car and try to start the engine. He could either succeed and be able to drive the car, or blare the car horn loudly, alerting enemies to his presence.

* The player is also allowed to choose how they want to play the game. For example, instead of using a flashlight in dark areas, items can be lit with fire to traverse through the dark.

* The player can also heal their wounds to regain health. First they must use a disinfectant spray on the wound, then bandage it.


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