Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 story and gameplay details revealed

16 June 2008
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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on PCMarvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 will be set during Marvel’s recent “Civil War” story arc, with players forced to choose sides in the conflict of this action-RPG series. An Activision release mentions the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance sequel will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii and DS.

Read the full release: “In this new Marvel Ultimate Alliance action role-playing game, Civil War erupts and the world’s greatest heroes and villains must choose sides. Select your side in the conflict and assemble your team from a roster of over 20 Marvel legends, including the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Venom and the Human Torch.

Combine your team’s powers to create new unique ones that transform your favorite Marvel superheroes in unexpected ways, such as fusing Spider-Man’s powers with Storm’s to give Spider-Man lightning webs. Experimentation can lead to discovering multiple fusions and different roads to success. Amplify your team’s superpowers and wield your custom arsenal wisely if you hope to end the war, re-unite the Earth’s mightiest heroes, and save the Marvel Universe.”

PR via Neogaf


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