KOTOR 3 MMO, Battlefront 3, LEGO Indiana Jones 2 and more LucasArts games revealed by fired employees

Star Wars: The Best of PC (Empire at War, Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Battlefront, Republic Commando)As a result of LucasArts firing around 100 employees, they leaked info on:

* KOTOR 3 being an MMO project with BioWare;
* Battlefront 3 is in development at Free Radical Design;
* LEGO Indiana Jones 2 will be another game in the LEGO game series from Traveller’s Tales;
* A Star Wars lightsaber game for the Nintendo Wii, which is likely Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
* The Euphoria-driven Indiana Jones game unveiled at E3 2006.

Those were the main games the annoyed employees leaked as being on the LucasArts schedule in the near future. Although games such as Fracture and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed are too far along the development cycle to be affected by the sackings, other projects may well be. These sackings will leave LucasArts short staffed and reports from Maxconsole suggest that the publisher will likely be outsourcing their projects more frequently in future.