Saints Row 2 Versus GTA 4 activities video

Saints Row 2 VS GTA 4 could be a bloody war
How does Saints Row 2‘s open gangster world compare to Grand Theft Auto IV‘s? When you’re not playing the story mode, you’ll want to have some fun with the activities (Insurance Fraud, Fight Club, FUZZ “Fake Cop”) and diversions (Stunts, Criminal Mischief, Varied Combat) in the city of Stilwater. This not only builds up your respect level, but adds more members to the 3rd Street Saints and opens up more story missions.

Take a look at how that works in this Saints Row 2 Versus GTA 4 activities video.

With GTA 4 selling 6 million in 1 week, Saints Row 2 has a lot to prove when it comes out on October 14th, but it’s looking like it’ll be a lot of fun. Both games are/will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. — Via IGN