Third Mario Kart Wii Competition runs until June 10th, features Super Mario Galaxy boss

2 June 2008
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Mario Kart Wii with Wii WheelIf you own Mario Kart Wii, you’ll know it lets you play online in 12-player races against drivers all over the world. Now, you can show off your racing skills in a Nintendo-sponsored worldwide competition!

The third Mario Kart Wii Competition started on June 1st and runs until June 10th. Now’s the time to get online and show you’re the best! So turn on your Wii and go to the Mario Kart Channel to get in on this contest.

Spiky Topmen in Galaxy Arena screenshotHere are the details for the contest:
All the way from Super Mario Galaxy, it’s the Spiky Topmen! Knock all the Spiky Topmen off the edge of the Galaxy Arena track as fast as you can! So get racing, and best of all, you can submit your best time as many times as you like!


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