Pokemon Diamond and Pearl cheats, tips and tricks

1 June 2008
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These Pokemon Diamond and Pearl cheats will help you become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Fill up your Pokedex using the following tips and tricks.

Pokemon Pearl for DSYou can unlock these Pokemon by taking the actions described next to their name.

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  • * Finish the Shinou Dex to unlock the National Dex.

    * Get the National Dex to unlock Pal Park.

    * You must win 100 times in a row at the Battle Tower to unlock the Black Trainer Card.

    * Defeat the Elite Four to unlock the Blue Trainer Card.

    * Get lots of Masterballs or other Items after you obtain the National Dex in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Go to Pal Park, where you migrate Pokemon from a Gameboy game to your DS cartridge. So, clone a million masterballs or other items on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald, give them to pokemon, migrate the pokemon, and viola, millions of that item on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

    * How to get a mystery gift:
    1. Go to the Jubilife TV station in Jubilife City.
    2. Go to the 3rd floor.
    3. Talk to the man in the lower room (he’s on the left).
    4. The first two words you tell him are ”everyone” and ”happy”.
    5. The second two words are ”Wi-Fi” and ”Connection”. This will then unlock the Mystery Gift feature on the main menu.
    When you go into it you can receive your gift 3 ways:
    * Friend
    * Wireless
    * Wi-fi (kind of) — while you won’t get a gift from this cheat, just get the option to receive it, but when pokemon announces when the mystery event will be, go receive wifi and if you are lucky, you might receive a mystery gift/ legendary pokemon/ wicked sweet area/ ticket/ member pass.

    Legendary Pokemon Manaphy:
    1. You can get Manaphy from Pokemon Ranger.
    2. You can get Mew by importing 999 Pokemon to the ranch in My Pokemon Ranch (WiiWare game).

    Legendary Pokemon Phione:
    You can get Phione by importing 250 Pokemon to the ranch in My Pokemon Ranch (WiiWare game).

    Lucario Egg:
    After beating the fifth gym leader, you can SURF to the city that is next to Jubilife City X3. Be sure to have an empty slot in your Pokemon party. When you arrive, go across the bridge and down to the boats to sail to Iron Mountain.

    There is a guy named Riley at the mountain that wants to cross the mountain with you. Take him along and fight through the mountain until you reach Galactic Grunts 1 and 2. Riley has a L34 Lucario. The grunts have a Glameow and Goldbat. Provided you win, Riley will give you an egg that hatches into an L1 Roilu after you travel 6500 steps (or so).

    You can clear the step counter application for the Poketech and use that to count your steps. Roilu is the pre-evolved form of Lucario and when it loves you in the day time it will evolve. Feed Roilu its favorite flavor (Poffin) or train it to L30. If you have the friend application, check that to see if Roilu likes you or not.

    Later in 2008 you’ll be able to get Riolu from Pokemon Ranger 2.

    Get an Eevee through one of two ways:
    #1 Receive an Eevee from someone named Mizuki in Hearthome City;
    #2 Catch yourself a wild Eevee in the back of the Pokemon Mansion. Instead of going in the trophy garden, talk to the owner of the the trophy garden. He will ask you two questions and you must answer yes to both questions. Every morning when you talk to him he will ask you the same two questions, and after you answer his questions, he will tell you what pokemon he saw in his garden that morning. Some of the pokemon are: Eevee, Marill, Meowth, Cleffairy.

    To get Spiritomb, go to Solaceon Town and go downwards until you see a well-type looking thing. That is the Hallowed Tower, when you press ‘A’ on it, it will say: “It’s the Hallowed Tower. It appears to have been built many years ago.” If it asks you to put in an ‘Odd Keystone,’ say yes. If you already have done so, go down underground with a friend, and have him/her go into his/her secret base and keep coming out and greet you.

    Do this 32 times, go back up to the Hallowed Tower, and you will find Spiritomb. It is level 25, and you DO NOT have to see Spiritomb from the Champion Cynthia, I know because I did it. You can also do this with Odd Keystones more than once if your friends give you more. I only know of 2. The one by Hearthome City, there’s a Karate guy to the left, beat him and talk to him, and the one below.

    Already sold your Odd Keystone? No worries, there’s another one. Fly to TwinLeaf Town, go down to the water, surf until you get to the middle, then go all the way left and press ‘A’ on the crack in between trees. If you’re having trouble finding it, use your item radar PokeApp which is PokeApp #7.

    Go to the valley Windworks afterwards on an in-game Friday. Drifloon will pop in and out when you search for on in the grass. Try to use a quick-ball to capture it since it will run away at the first chance it gets. You can also set your DS’ internal clock to a Friday and re-attempt a failed capture.

    You do not have to beat the Elite Four and have all badges; you just have to beat the guy with the planet name, and rescue the guy whom his daughter comments “You smell bad” near the Valley Windworks.

    You have to catch it on Friday, but Drifloon does not run away. It is like a legendary, you can see its 3D picture and you just have to press the A button in front of it.

    It also will be there EVERY Friday, so if you fail, there are tons of more chances to get it.

    Legendary Pokemon Heatran:
    This legendary can be male or female but cannot breed. Get your national dex and go to the island in the north and east. When you get to Stark Mountain, you must team up with someone to go through the place. The trainer will take the item and depart. Head back to the Survival Area, and your “partner” will be inside a house. Talk to her and she’ll leave.

    You have only one chance to capture Heatran, so save the game first. Return to the mountain, and Heatran will be waiting. The Pokemon is at level 70.

    Legendary Pokemon Giratina:
    Giratina is a powerful Dragon/Ghost type that can be found deep in Turnback Cave, a place that is said to overlap a different, darker dimension. Giratina can only be found and fought once in the game. Be sure to save. Also, Giratina can only be found after obtaining the National Dex and beating the Elite Four. Be sure that is done. Turnback Cave is found in a previously secluded place called Sendback Springs.

    * Make sure you have Rock Climb, and preferably Defog, because Turnback Cave is very foggy.
    * Bring many Dusk Balls, Ultra Balls, or a Master Ball if you were saving it to get a very strong pokemon. Also, if you don’t want to fight lvl. 50 – 67 pokemon, grab some repels.
    * Fly to Veilstone City, if you aren’t already there, then travel down the fence-maze area until you see a long, empty path stretching out to the right.
    * Go and travel that path until you come to a rocky wall by two trees standing together.
    * Use Rock Climb, and after the HM is done, you’ll be at a large, clear lake, very much like Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit’s lakes. Go to the very farthest north by the lake. There will be another rocky wall at the edge of the lake.
    * Use Rock Climb again, and when the HM is done, you’ll be standing next to a cave entrance. Go inside.
    * Congratulations, you have now entered Turnback Cave. Now for the trickiest part. There will be a rock wall ahead of you. Read the inscription.
    * There apparently no set ways to get to Giratina, but it is only accessible by passing three pillars before you pass 30 rooms. Once you pass the 3rd pillar, and room you enter from here on in will be Giratina’s.

    Legendary Pokemon Cresselia:
    First, go to Canalave City (Cresselia is in both Diamond and pearl versions). Look for the boy in Sailor Eldritch’s house. Talk to the boy in bed and he will be saying something in his sleep, something about Darkrai.

    Talk to the mother next to the boy in bed. Next go outside of the house and talk to the sailor next to the ship that takes you to Iron Island. He will say something about a Crecent Wing. Then he takes you to an island. On the island, there should be a clearing, go into it. Then you should see a pink-yellow pokemon.

    Talk to it, and it will appear on your screen and will be added to your pokedex. then it will disappear. Its kinda like catching Mesprit.

    If you did not get the pokemon league or get all the pokemon in the Shinoh Pokedex, you cannot catch Cresselia. Now if you did not get the pokefinder application, it will be much more difficult to catch Cresselia.

    This is how you get the app, you have to go to the Poketech company in Jublife City, talk to theman next to the desk on the first floor. He gives you like 6 or 7 apps, the pokefinder app is the second or third one he gives you, you can get them all in the same day! Now, good luck catching Cresselia, oh and one more thing, i think altering between route 205 and the Valley Windworks isthe best way to use. And you should stock up on many quickballs.

    Pokemon Diamond for DSLegendary Pokemon Dialga:
    You will need Surf, Rock smash, and Rock climb. I suggest you keep a master ball for Dialga (you can clone it using the GBA Pokemon clone trick).

    Go to Mt. Coronet, left from Hearthome city. Follow a path until you find a way out of the cave. But don’t go threw it, go up and you will find a place where you can use Surf, go past it and go on land. Use rock climb on the wall, go up the stairs and follow the path to a door that leads to more stairs. Go until find a door that leads outside and move forward until you see a place where you can use rock climb just once.

    Go left through the grass and go in the cave. Follow the path and you will be at spear pillar. Don’t go up by the three people because they are the Team Galactics’ generals. Save your game. When you beat them you will have a chance to catch Dialga.

    * Yanma evolves into Yanmega. Build it to level 33 and let it learn Ancient Power, it will evolve.

    * Use a shiny stone on Togetic to evolve it into Togekiss.

    * Use a dawn stone on a female Snorunt to evolve it into the Ice/Ghost Pokemon known as Froslass.

    * Level up Nosepass at Mount Coronet to evolve it into Probepass. Do the same with Magneton.

    * Level up Tangela to Level 33 and let it learn Ancient Power to evolve it into Tangagrowth.

    * Either catch a male and female Lickitung when in abundance or level one up until it learns rollout and it will evolve into Lickilicky.

    * If you trade a Magmar while holding the Magmarizer (held by a wild Magby) it will evolve.

    * If you trade an Electabuzz with the Thunderizer (held by a wild Elekid) it will evolve.

    * If you trade a Rhydon holding Protector it will evolve into Rhyperior.

    * If you trade Porygon 2 while holding the Dubious Disc it will evolve into Porygon 3.

    * If you trade a Dusclops while it holds a Reper cloth it will evolve.

    * If you level up Sneasle holding the Razor Claw at night it will evolve into Weavile.

    * If you level up a Gligar while holding the Razor Fang it will evolve into Gliscor.

    Pokemon Fire Red for GBAGameBoy Advance Unlockable Pokemon: When you have different GBA Cartridges in your GBA Slot (Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald) you can catch wild Pokémon in different locations, relevant to the GBA game you have inserted.

    Any Pokemon cartridge:
    Haunter and Gengar (Ghost Gang): You must have the HM Cut, as well as the Forest Badge, to find this easter egg. Use Cut on the trees near the exit to Eterna Forest to discover a path to a mysterious mansion. There are two rooms that hold spooks: One is the dining room downstairs and the other is upstairs on the far right, but you can only see it from the adjacent room to the left.

    If you have a GBA game in slot 2 of the DS or the National Dex, you can get a Haunter and Gengar in the room with the “eyed portrait” that seems to look at you if you back away from it, or a Rotom in the 2nd floor TV (respectively).

    Fire Red cartridge:
    Caterpie — Route 204 South
    Metapod — Hakutai Forest
    Ekans — Route 212 South
    Arbok — Safari Zone
    Growlithe — Route 201, 202
    Elekid — Route 204 South, Powerplant

    Leaf Green cartridge:
    Weedle — Route 204 South
    Kakuna — Hakutai Forest
    Sandshrew — Lost Cave
    Sandslash — Route 228
    Vulpix — Route 209
    Magby — Hard Mountain, Route 227

    Ruby cartridge:
    Seedot — Hakutai Forest, Route 203, Route 204
    Nuzleaf — Route 229
    Mawile — Iron Island
    Zangoose — Route 208
    Solrock — Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave

    Sapphire cartridge:
    Lotad — Route 203, 204, 205 North, 212 South
    Lombre — Route 212 South, 229
    Sableye — Iron Island
    Seviper — Route 208
    Lunatone — Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave

    Emerald cartridge:
    Pineco — Hakutai Forest, Route 203, 204, 229
    Gligar — Hard Mountain, Route 206, 207, 214, 215, 227
    Shuckle — Route 224
    Teddiursa — Route 211, Wisdom Lake
    Ursaring — Wisdom Lake, Route 216, 217


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