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30 May 2008
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Pre-order the Gears of War 2 Limited Edition for Xbox 360Are you curious which of the avalanche of this month’s new Gears of War 2 info is true or false? Below you’ll find a list of all the Gears of War 2 facts that have been confirmed by developer Epic themselves. This includes details on matchmaking, larger battlefields, better AI and more.

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The Gears of War 2 facts list:

* Battlefields will be much larger than in the previous installment.

* There will, in fact, be chainsaw dueling in single player as well as multiplayer.

* There is a new poison grenade, which will kill anybody it hits and slowly drain the health of anybody around it.

* The “meat shield” is usable in both single player as well as multiplayer.

* The cover system is no longer as clunky, and has been edited to further prevent people “sticking” to walls and such.

* The story begins six months after the original ends. Introduces two new characters:

* A new pistol called the “Gorgon Pistol” is available, firing a six-round burst much like the hammerburst from the original.

* The hammerburst is now a semi-automatic gun.

* There is now a larger difference in active-reloading from gun to gun.

* Drop-in/drop-out co-op.

* Blood trails will allow you to track your prey much more effectively in case they decide it’s time to run away.

* A new war journal to keep track of your endeavors.

* A much more emotionally evocative story that will be much deeper and more interesting than in Gears of War 1.

* Difficulty settings modified. Casual is now much easier, while Insane is harder.

* Weapon-specific melees. New kinds of executions.

* At least two new species of Locust. At least one more chainsaw method. 5 vs. 5 online battles.

* New online mode called “Wingman,” where it’s essentially a 2v2v2v2v2 game.

* Gridlock is a multiplayer map.

* The ability to have each player use their own difficulty setting in co-op mode.

* Completely destructible environments.

* Enhanced physics.

* You can be damaged and killed whilst chainsawing.

* Longer campaign.

* More usage of vehicles in campaign.

* A new “dynamic-conversation camera” used during cutscenes to give them a cinematic feel.

* The addition of a flamethrower, dubbed “Scorcher.”

* Assassination game-type renamed to “Guardian.”

* Unlimited respawns until each team’s respective leader dies, at which points player cease respawning.

* Matchmaking! New game-type dubbed “Meat Flag.”
— Sort of like Capture-the-flag but the flag is a human player who stays in the center of the map.
— Each team must down this player to be able to drag him back to their base.

* Getting damaged slows you down. You can now choose which weapon to spawn with in multiplayer:
— Lancer or Hammerburst.
— Portable cover. These are big metal things that you can carry around and shove into the ground to act as make-shift cover.

* You can only use your pistol while carrying one, and they can be destroyed by enemies that get too close.

* Grenades can be manually stuck to anything, meaning you have to “tag” the object like you would a person in the original Gears.

* Smoke grenades now stun enemies as well.

* While waiting to respawn, you may fly around the map and take screenshots of the action which you can then share with your friends.

* One confirmed new map: River. A symetrical map, each team gets a sniping building and some flat land, which is divided by a river.

* One confirmed new map: Security. A long narrow map.

* Power weapons guarded by laser-turrets that cannot be destroyed and will kill you if you attempt to get to the weapons.

* These turrets can be turned off. New controls for downed enemies: X Button [Curb stomp] B Button [Melee] Y Button [Punch in a downed opponent’s face] A Button [Use enemy as meat-shield].

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