Red Alert 3 walkthrough video of a 15 minute match

29 May 2008
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Pre-order Red Alert 3 for PCRed Alert 3 executive producer Chris Corry gives a video walkthrough of 15 minutes of Soviet gameplay action below. It shows off the real-time strategy game’s focus on a broader, more comedic sensibility to make Red Alert 3 more accessible than its Command & Conquer Tiberian series cousin.

To quote EA: “We’re creating a more balanced experience with a broader variety of units. Unlike Command & Conquer 3, where a multiplayer game could be as short as five or six minutes, Ajami expects multiplayer games in Red Alert 3 to average about 20. To achieve this, in addition to giving the players more units to play with, they’re also making each unit more specialized with definitive primary and secondary abilities that are useful or weak against specific other units in the opposing side. — The focus in Red Alert 3 is on force composition rather than sheer numbers.”

Watch the Red Alert 3 walkthrough video with 15 minutes of developer commentary:

Expect Red Alert 3 to be released worldwide on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in early October 2008. — Via Ve3d


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