Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer breakdown trailer

Pre-order Battlefield: Bad Company for Xbox 360Battlefield Bad Company’s multiplayer will support up to 24 players, and will run on PC-dedicated servers. Gold Rush is one of the game modes, it has an Attackers vs. Defenders scenario, in which one team must defend two crates filled with gold while the other team attempts to destroy the crates. Once the crates are destroyed, more of the map is available to fight on with new crates appearing, along with added reinforcement numbers. The attacking team has a limited amount of respawns to achieve their goal of capturing the 2-3 gold stashes. The defending team has an unlimited amount of respawns available, but their goal is to exhaust the attacking teams respawns. The classes in this game will be: Assault, Demolitions, Recon, Specialist, and Support.

The DICE developers narrate a more detailed breakdown of features and classes in Battlefield Bad Company’s multiplayer.

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Battlefield: Bad Company will be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation in America on June 23rd and in Europe on June 26th, 2008.