On PlayStation Network today: Bourne Conspiracy, GRID and Haze demos

8 May 2008
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Pre-Order Bourne Conspiracy for PS3Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced what new PlayStation Network downloadable games, expansions, demos and videos were released for PlayStation 3 and PSP today.

American Games (Demos):
* Bourne Conspiracy demo
* Haze demo
* Race Driver: GRID demo
* Rocketmen: Axis of Evil – $9.99
* SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 demo (for PSP via PC Store, also downloadable via PS3)

American Games (Content):
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Muse Track Pack (includes “Exo-Politics”, “Stockholm Syndrome” & “Supermassive Black Hole”) – $6.25
* PixelJunk Monsters Encore – $5.99
* Rock Band tracks – $1.99 each or $5.49 for the pack:
— Angels & Airwaves – “It Hurts” (master)
— Fallout Boy – “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” (master)
— Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Date With The Night” (master)
* Rock Band price promotion: “CrushCrushCrush” – Paramore and “Rock N Roll Band” – Boston are reduced to $0.99 until May 15th.

American Trailers:
* WipEout HD trailer
* PlayStation 3 “What You Need” video
* Mirror’s Edge Gameplay trailer
* Mercenaries 2: Payback trailer
* Overlord: Raising Hell trailer
* The Wheelman trailer
* TNA iMPACT! Gamers’ Day trailer

American Extras:
* PixelJunk Monsters theme 3
* (2) PixelJunk Monsters wallpapers
* Sports theme

Pre-Order Race Driver: GRID for PS3Europe got an extra PlayStation Day content update last Tuesday.

European Games (Demos):
* Race Driver: GRID demo

European Games (Content):
* Army of Two SSC Challenge – Map Pack – €5.49 / £3.99
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Def Leppard Track Pack – €5.99 / £7.49
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Muse Track Pack – €5.99 / £7.49

European Trailers:
* PlayStation Day trailer: Echochrome Apple Trailer
* PlayStation Day trailer: Play Compilation Trailer
* PlayStation Day trailer: Press Conference Trailers x 9


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