New Protoype gameplay makes Grand Theft Auto 4 look tame

28 April 2008
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Alex Mercer is the lead character in the Prototype gameWarning: this new Protoype gameplay makes Grand Theft Auto 4’s gameplay look “tame”, so be warned for bloody killings. Of course the lead character Alex Mercer does this to survive while he attempts to unravel who or what he is, but it’s insanely violent since the game has “no moral code”.

This is one of those open-world sandbox games action game fans can’t wait to explore. If after the new footage lined up below, you feel like playing it right away, then I’m sorry to say you’ll have to wait for its release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in America in October and a winter 2008 release in Europe.

Fight a 3-way war in the first title to combine vampires, zombies, and fast-paced free running (parkour).

Discover how this anti-hero is going to tear up New York City in this Sierra Gamers’ Day 08 developer interview.

Want to see even more gameplay action? Gamespot got a 10-minute Prototype demo:

Consume and become your enemies to take and wield their powers. Watch a brief gameplay montage.


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