Spider-Man: Web of Shadows announced for all systems

18 April 2008
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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows screenshot
Activision has announced that a new Spider-Man: Web of Shadows action-adventure game is being made by Treyarch and Shaba Games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii, PC, PSP and DS. Web of Shadows will be released in Q3 2008 and takes place in a free-roaming, open-ended New York that combines web slinging with customizable superpowers. There will be the traditional combo attacks on the ground, but the game will also feature a brand new emphasis on vertical combat as gamers take the friendly neighborhood superhero Spidey to the skies and duke it out with Marvel villains or be the anti-hero and ignore missions. Apparently you’ll be able to change sides as you see fit.

Activision didn’t reveal much to IGN, but was told “Spider-Man is up against in the new game but we know it’s a threat to the entire world and that it can do some real damage to New York. From the one screenshot and teaser trailer, it looks like Spidey’s up against a number of villains who can redecorate buildings and create giant oozing black tendrils. The black gunk and the alien-looking dudes crawling on the side of the building in the teaser makes us think symbiote.”

Watch the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows teaser:

Fingers crossed it will play like the Spider-Man 2 game and not the third one.


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