Metal Slug 7 confirmed for American release

Metal Slug Anthology for Wii puts all previous 7 games on 1 discPublisher Ignition Entertainment announced that they have come to a co-publishing agreement with SNK-Playmore for North America. Ignition Entertainment and SNK have been working strongly together in Europe in recent years, for example by releasing Metal Slug Anthology in the region, and with the resurgence of Ignition Entertainment in the US, the two have joined forces once again.

Metal Slug 7 DS screenshotThe first of the titles to be jointly published under the new partnership in America will be Metal Slug 7 for Nintendo DS. The Metal Slug series has found its home on multiple platforms since its debut in 1996, and Metal Slug 7 is the first installment to be developed exclusively for Nintendo DS without an Arcade version. The run and gun platform-shooter will be out in Japan sometime in 2008, but no release date was announced for the English version.