How to unlock all Mario Kart Wii secret characters. Cheats for bikes, karts and more (guide)

18 April 2008
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Complete Mario Kart Wii character rosterTake the following steps to unlock each of the 14 secret characters in Mario Kart Wii. Wii Mario Kart cheats are listed too.

Hi Guys and Girls, Welcome to the in 2012 newly updated guide to Mario Kart Wii, there have been a lot of questions asked about Mario Kart Wii like how to unlock certain characters or how to get that super fast lap time needed to beat those time trial ghost data saves. Below you will find a huge video guide showing you every track in the game with hints and tips along the way, I’ve been a huge fan of the game and now I will be bringing all my tips and strategies to help you through this fantastic racer that is Mario Kart Wii. I will be giving you all the secrets you’ll need to unlock all those characters and their secret Karts and Bikes. So with all that said lets kick off this guide with a bang and start off with the first cup that I played. “Special Note” I have started a brand new game for the purpose of this guide so at certain points not all characters or Karts will have been unlocked but by the end we will have a full roster.

Watch this video to see a Mario Kart fan used our tips to unlock everyone in-game:

Table of Contents

Description Notes:
* Winning a Cup means getting first place.
** Expert Staff Ghost Data itself is unlocked by beating a regular staff ghost by 7 seconds. — The names of the Expert Staff Ghosts are… Luigi Circuit: Uta, Moo Moo Meadows: Tkym, Mushroom Gorge: Miki, Toad’s Factory: GQO or something, Mario Circuit: Fuyu, Coconut Mall: Mugi, DK Summit: Koz, Wario’s Gold Mine: Ryo, Daisy Circuit: Hiro, Koopa Cape: Morimo, Maple Treeway: Mugi, Grumble Volcano: Aki, Dry Dry Ruins: Akito, Moonview Highway: Koh, Bowser’s Castle: Masa, Rainbow Road: Syun1, Peach Beach: Hiro, Yoshi Falls: FJ, Ghost Valley 2: Sira, Mario Raceway: Yuuki, Sherbet Land: FJ, Shy Guy Beach: Matt, Delfino Square: Iwaco, Waluigi Stadium: Ryo, Desert Hills: Solami, Bowser Castle 3: A24, DK Jungle Parkway: Syun1, Mario Circuit GameCube: Dai8, Mario Circuit 3: Shige, Peach Gardens: Kony, DK Mountain: Miyam, and Bowser Castle 64: Kentan.

Baby Daisy:

Get a “One Star” rank or better in all 50cc Cups. Doing this will unlock Baby Daisy.

Baby Luigi:

Unlock eight Expert Staff Ghost Data** in Time Trials mode.


Play 16 different courses in Time Trials mode. Doing this will unlock the Birdo character.

Bowser Jr.:

Get a “One Star” rank or better in all 100cc Retro Cups. Retro Cups are the bottom 4 Cups on the “Select Course” screen with the classic tracks in them called the Shell Cup, Banana Cup, Leaf Cup, and Lightning Cup. Doing them all in that manner will unlock Bowser Jr.


Win* the 150cc Special Cup. Finish it that way to unlock Daisy.

Diddy Kong:

Successfully complete all 50cc Cups. Achieve this to unlock Diddy Kong.

Dry Bones:

Win the 100cc Leaf Cup. Completing that will unlock Dry Bones.

The Mario Kart Wii Unlockable Character Guide continues on Page 2 with Dry Bowser!


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