Sonic Chronicles DS gameplay interview

15 April 2008
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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood logoSonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is the debut project by the handheld group inside esteemed developer Bioware, this Nintendo DS-exclusive RPG brings Sega’s favorite blue blur to gamers in a way never seen before! Expect the game to be out in fall 2008.

“A Sonic RPG?” you might be thinking that’s an odd combination (at first it was for Mario too, but look at him six RPGs later). But before you know it, you’ll be grabbing some rings and venture out with Knuckles, Tails and the rest of the 11-headed gang. This interview with Sega’s Kirby Fong, the Sonic Chronicles Producer, explains how the gameplay works.

Want more Sonic Chronicles gameplay info? I can’t blame you, it sounds intriguing.

Special attacks are made by rhythmically tapping and dragging on indicated locations on the touch screen of the Nintendo DS, much like Elite Beat Agents. These are done using Fatigue Points, which are similar to Magic Points in other RPGs. The player can also choose which attributes to increase when leveling up, and special attacks can be bought using rings as currency. Such as buying Sonic new shoes, one may make him faster in battle, another may inflict fire damage.

The battle system will also allow for team attacks, said of Chrono Trigger, or Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Some characters can perform multiple actions per round. Each team member can perform a special power move that requires you to execute touchscreen commands. It’s been said that there will be about 40 or so such combos in the game which involve three or four characters. You can choose which attributes to improve on your characters when they level up.

When in open areas, a map is displayed on the top screen as well as the members of the current team; while inside buildings or caves the top screen reverts to showing an expanded view of the area, the controls will be done through the use of the stylus instead of the d-pad much like Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. As your team members level up, their map abilities will improve, giving you access to new areas. So not upgrading certain characters can mean missing out on certain things in the world.


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