The best of April Fools Day 2008: Zelda movie, World of Warcraft for consoles, Super Pii Pii Brothers, Assassin’s Solid and more

April Fools Day 2008 has arrived and the jokes become more elaborate and believable (for the gullible anyway) every year! Instead of starting a futile attempt to list all 100+ of them, we’ll mention a few of the best fake game newsitems. Feel free to finish the list by linking to your favorites in the comments below.

1. The Legend of Zelda movie; by IGN.

2. Console World of Warctaft: Molten Core; by Blizzard.

3. Super Pii Pii Brothers coming to Wii with virtual pee attachment; by Thinkgeek.

4. Assassin’s Solid announced by Jade Raymond and Hideo Kojima.

5. EA buys Rockstar and recasts Grand Theft Auto 4 the voice actors, Chris Tucker now voices Nico Bellic, by PlanetGTA.

6. Xbox 360 special edition consoles and accessories by Microsoft.
Microsoft Xbox 360 April Fools joke

7. Halo 3’s global online activity map shows a Mister Chief drawing; by Bungie.
Bungie Halo 3 April Fools joke

8. No April 1st is complete without a fake Duke Nukem Forever release date announcement, this year by Rotpod.