Soul Bubbles blowing to DS

Soul Bubbles DS screenshotEidos Interactive has said that Soul Bubbles, an enchanting action-puzzle game coming to Nintendo DS in summer 2008.

The game has you experience the soulful stories of a young shaman apprentice entrusted with saving lost spirits and steering them to safety. Under the guidance of his master, he must protect these fragile souls from the hostile and dangerous world around them by creating mystic bubbles to guide them on their spiritual journey.

Soul Bubbles features eight divine worlds with over 40 challenging levels that offer a rejuvenating new take on the puzzle genre. Using your Stylus, manipulate these mystical bubbles by deflating or expanding them in order to transport your spirits to safety. Fill created bubbles with water and pop them to extinguish dangerous fires or use them to trap harmful gases and blow them away. These incredibly diverse worlds are filled with supernatural challenges, so move your soul bubble gracefully, collecting star dust along the way to allow the light from your protected spirits to shine.

“Soul Bubbles is the most refreshing breath of air to debut on Nintendo DS,” said Robert A. Lindsey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Eidos Inc. “The unique bubble physics creates gameplay that DS owners have never experienced before. This combined with a colorful universe and touching storyline is a game sure to engage puzzle fans of all ages.”