More The Sims 3 details

The Sims 3 coverThe latest issue of PC Gamer UK magazine has the first details on The Sims 3. The main point of the upcoming game is to not only gain favor with the casual crowd, but also with the more hardcore PC gamers. Rod Humble, creative director of the Sims label, explains the game in more details.

To quote: “The team lets Sims wander freely through a town, take in the sights, not be constrained by the prison-like ‘lots’ of old games. The game is turned into an open world, where Sims can stroll, meet their friends, go to work, interact with each other.” The Sims 3 is described as feeling like a living, open town, a place where stuff happens, where the day-to-day lives of interesting people intersect in infinite ways.

CVG further explains that new to the series is an inventory system for your Sim, in addition to the game now providing you with clear objectives to complete. And if that’s starting to sound a little RPG, get this – The Sims 3 has what are essentially buffs. In one example, we’re told how a kiss received by a Sim from his “hot wife” puts him in a great mood which means he works quicker, makes more friends and be happy as a pixie for the next five days.

Mr. Humble adds: “We looked around for design mechanisms that we could use, and sure enough, we were like ‘hey, buffs! that really works.’ Now there are buffs for everything. You can be in a bad mood because you just pissed yourself. You could be in a good mood because you like sitting in sofas. You could be sad because your lover died. Or you could be happy because you’re pregnant.” Also, “The Sims themselves look better… Their skin is more natural, more real. Their faces move in ever so slightly more real ways. Their hair is different.” — All that effort put into creating your Sim can be enjoyed by other players as well. You’ll be able to upload your character to The Sims 3 website where it can be downloaded by fellow Sim-ians and introduced to their own neighbourhoods. But there’s no multiplayer component.