The Sims Carnival beta now open for sign-up

The Sims CarnivalThe Sims Carnival is an all-new online community from EA Sims that will serve as an online community completely built around game-creation and sharing, and it is now open for sign-up to the closed beta.

At the Game Developers Conference, Rod Humble (head of EA’s Sims studio) will fully reveal and explain the new project at a session entitled “The Emergent Gamer” on Thursday in San Francisco. According to EA he will “discuss the rise of a new kind of game creator, and what this trend means to games as an art form.”

Features of The Sims Carnival will include:
* Create games from scratch
* Build a community around your own game creations
* Embed your favorites in a blog or social networking site
* Swap with friends
* Compete against other players and earn bragging rights by achieving high scores
* Discover different types of games you didn’t even know existed!
* Tell others about what you think by commenting on games and rating them – share the love!
* Designed to convert millions of players into game designers, no programming required!

This comes on the heels of several new Sims announcements including MySims Kingdom, MySims Party, SimCity Creator, and SimAnimals.