MotorStorm sells 3 million copies for PS3. Developer wants to turn it into “massive brand”

Motorstorm for PS3Motorstorm has sold 3 million copies, making it one of the most successful PS3 games and one of the best selling “launch window” titles for the system (note that it’s a PS3 pack-in game in Europe where it also launched with the system).

Published by Sony and developed by Evolution Studios, the off-road racing game made waves because of it’s intense speed, beautiful nearly photo-realistic graphics and physics model that allowed the muddy tracks to literally be deformed as the racers kick up the mud and dirt, changing the face of the track.

MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios has said that it wants to “dominate reaction racing for a long time”.

Asked about the future of MotorStorm as part of a feature exploring the game’s first year of downloadable add-ons, gameplay producer Jed Ashworth said the question “goes way beyond downloadable content”.

We have the aim of turning our launch-window title into a sustained, massive brand,” he said. “We plan to dominate reaction racing for a long time. We’d never aim any lower.”

Ashworth declined to comment on plans for MotorStorm 2, but confirmed that the first game’s considerable support since launch wasn’t getting in the way of development.

“The picture some people have of us all working on MotorStorm Downloadable Content is somewhat off the mark,” he said. “We’re a multiple-project developer now.”

I wonder if that means other projects outside the Motorstorm series?

Here’s a MotorStorm video discussing Downloadable Content.

— Via Eurogamer