Alone in the Dark 5 tech-demo episode 1. Video reveals amazing physics and game interactions

19 February 2008
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Pre-order Alone in the Dark: Near Death for PCAlone in the Dark 5 is looking to take survival horror gaming to the next level by integrating some amazing tech. In addition to offering some incredible graphics with extremely realistic light and shadows, the game also uses realistic physics to amazing effect.

You can hold a different item in each hand, and this combined with the extensive physics and environment/object interaction really open the game up to create some amazing possibilities. The dynamic lighting is also used extensively to really effect the gameplay in ways beyond most any other game.

I’d say more but it’s best to just watch this video yourself to see what I mean.

And here’s an interesting tidbit on the game. In a question and answer with producer Nour Polloni they revealed that you will be able to skip through chapters in the game much like you would on a DVD-style menu (the game’s story is broken up into chapters much like a TV drama). This will assure that anyone can get through the game and get some enjoyment out of it, simply skipping ahead if they get stuck or can’t pass a difficult section.

Of course, those that do skip through the game may miss out on some incentives. For example, you cannot get the game’s achievements if you skip.

I find this very interesting, especially since EA’s upcoming Dead Space is another game that’s trying something drastically new. In that game you cannot pause. So it’s really great to see developers really thinking outside the box and I hope this kind of thinking continues in the future. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see to know how it actually turns out. — Via OXM


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