Zelda Wind Waker-style Link plush is uber cuteness!

Link plus from Zelda Wind Waker/Phantom HourglassI came across this really cute Link plush from Zelda: Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass and thought I’d post it. For those of you who either love plushes or always wanted to have a lovable, huggable lil’ Link to cheer you up on rainy days!

Sure it won’t talk to you or anything but as soon as you look at that adorable face that’s as soft as a babies bottom, you can’t help but to smile!

The plushie is an official Nintendo one and it comes in both big and small varieties. The big one stands at 12 inches and will run you $15 (not including shipping) while the small one will only cost you $10. You can order them via PlayAsia. Link plush big. Link plush small.