Spore gets final release date of September 7th. Xbox 360, PS3 versions highly likely

13 February 2008
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Pre-Order Spore on PCSpore has received a final release date of September 7th, 2008, and will arrive on DS, PC and Mac the weekend of September 7th, according to publisher Electronic Arts. The game hasn’t been officially priced although online retail listings have it for $49.99.

Not yet dated is the Wii version of Spore, which EA has reconfirmed. And Spore may not only be hitting the Wii. Speaking to analysts, EA Games President Frank Gibeau said that Spore is “already in development” for the newest generation of consoles, “Wii included.” He did not specify further platforms, but an EA rep said EA is “considering all options in the console space.” Which means that a Spore release on Xbox 360 and PS3 is all but officially assured.

In addition to Spores inevitable multi-console release, Gibeau also hinted that Spore might not be entirely free of charge. He told analysts that the online mode of the game could be an “opportunity” for an “expanded digital revenue stream.” He did not elaborate if said stream entailed microtransactions, in-game advertising, subscription fees, or any combination of the three. Let’s hope that EA keeps it to a minimum and doesn’t harm the game by filling it with any kind of fees.

Designed by Sims creator Will Wright, Spore is among the most ambitious simulation games ever planned. Beginning at the start of evolution, it follows life from single-celled organisms through the dawn of civilization. From there, it follows the player’s fully customizable species as it climbs up the technological ladder all the way to space exploration, which allows it to colonize other planets.

Check out the Spore release date reveal in this teaser trailer.

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