Dragonball movie actress Emmy Rossum talks about playing co-star Chow Yun Fat’s Stranglehold game

31 January 2008
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Emmy Rossum's Inside Out music CDActress Emmy Rossum, who plays Bulma in the upcoming Dragonball movie next to Chow Yun Fat’s Master Roshi, posted a funny update on her Myspace. To quote:

“I got an xbox to occupy some downtime in the trailer. I’ve never been much of a video gamer, but I like the adventure games and the shooting games might help my hand/eye coordination for the gun sequences in the film. I picked up a few games not really knowing what I was buying and when I started playing one I realized I had picked up “Stranglehold” starring Chow Yun Fat! Based on the John Woo movie “Hard Boiled,” the graphics are incredible, he jumps, flies and shoots in slow-mo, very John Woo, very cool. I feel a little shy to tell him I’m playing him on a video game, to tell him how cool it is!”

Stranglehold featuring Chow Yun Fa for Xbox 360I actually have a copy of Stranglehold for the Xbox 360 waiting to be unwrapped from its plastic, so this kind of offbeat Kotaku news just makes me want to play it even sooner. I recently watched the Hard Bioled original movie and while she says the game is based on the movie, the game is actually a direct sequel to the movie. — I don’t really talk about what goes on behind the scenes here often, but my co-writer and buddy Astro is actually taking over most of the VGB work for at least two weeks. This way I can finally play through last year’s best games (and review ’em). Since we were having server issues (now solved after we burned through half a terabyte so far this month!) on account of lots of new readers checking out the last secret Smash Bros Brawl character news, the blog was pretty slow most of yesterday. Since it’s fixed now here I am doing a few updates, instead of finishing BioShock, until Astro returns. I don’t really mind, since there’s a lot of sequel talk I wanted to share, as well as a movie-based game Saw. Talking about movie-based games, anyone else worried they might release Dragonball: The Movie: The Game a la Street Fighter in the 90’s? 😯


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