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18 January 2008
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Resistance 2 FPS PS3 artTed Price, the President and CEO of developer Insomniac Games, was recently interviewed by Game Informer magazine about the upcoming PS3-exclusive Resistance 2 and reveals some interesting information about the FPS game’s features like enemy A.I., storyline, online play and huge bosses. Multiplayer is dived into and the developers explain how they can deliver focussed 60-player multiplayer and 8-player online co-op. A lot of the questions you might have about Hale and the Chimera are said to be answered in Resistance 2.

Watch the interview with Ted Price about Resistance 2

Part 2 of the Resistance 2 interview with Ted Price.

Part 3 of the interview is with Colin Munson, the Assistant Creative Director for Resistance 2.

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