Resistance 2 PS3 features: 60-player online, 8-player online co-op and 2 campaigns

13 January 2008
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Resistance 2 FPS PS3 artThe February issue of American gaming magazine Game Informer has the world exclusive unveiling of Insomniac Games’ Resistance 2 for PlayStation 3. The FPS game is set for release in fall 2008.

The game continues the story of the Resistance: Fall of Man protagonist, Sgt. Nathan Hale, as he fights against the alien-esque “Chimera” forces, set in an alternate timeline around the 1950s, following the events of the first game. The sequel starts as an X-Ray ship carrying Sgt. Nathan Hale is shot down over Iceland. Hale escapes to the United States and becomes part of a program known as Sentinels.

Resistance 2 Chimera PS3 screenshotHype quotes: “Resistance 2 will be too epic to dismiss as anything but one of the biggest, boldest, and most high-reaching titles of 2008. It’s a game that won’t be ignored. — Multiplayer maps are positively huge with an increased focus on individual battle zones, use of cover, and a logical flow of movement, rather than empty haphazard arenas where everybody charges for the center of the map.”

Here are the details lifted from the developer interview:
* One campaign focusing on Nathan Hale across 1950’s USA invaded by the Chimera.
* One campaign focusing on a squad of soldiers, supports 2 players offline, 8 players Online Co-op.
* Online Multiplayer (dedicated servers) supporting 60 people, lobbies for individual squads.
* Classes for Online, templates include Heavy, Special Ops, Medic.
* Mobile phone quality headset voice transfer.
* Partial Randomized Geometry in level spots.
* Boss fights in FPS gaming finally done right.
* New vehicles including Chameleon (Stalker with cloak).
* Insane stat tracking & Community features coupled with

Transcription from Neogaf, screenshot via N4G.


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