New Star Wars: The Force Unleashed details on the Xbox 360 & PS3 effects, Wii dual mode and PSP scenes

Pre-order Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for WiiWe’ve gone into some detail before on the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game from LucasArts, now there are some new details from CES 2008. Most notably are the effects in the Xbox 360 & PS3 versions being talked about first, and then the different Wii and PSP versions.

* The game is fast and mean; the force powers do some crazy things, and the play is impacted by the physics in amazing ways. You try to pick up a StormTrooper and he grabs onto a crate while screaming. You yank up on him with the Force again, and both the ‘Trooper and the crate fly into the air. The force powers and the physics get even crazier; if you force push a metal door, it twists and deforms realistically.
* Boss battles will be huge in scope, including a Rancor fight. There will be God of War-like button-tapping sections at the end of the battle, but it will only be for more points; you won’t lose a battle by missing a button press.
* There will be character and lightsaber customization, although you won’t be able to dual-wield or have dual-bladed lightsabers.
* The Wii version of the game will include a two-player duel mode where you can show off your lightsaber skills against a friend in the same room.
* The PSP version will contain classic scenes from other Star Wars movies with the more over-the-top force powers of Unleashed.

Arstechnica also mentions the multiplatform game is currently in alpha and planned for a summer 2008 release.