Get Chocolate Miis for Valentine’s Day

Mii Chocolates for Valentine's Day
Does your gamergirl have a sweet-tooth? In preparation of February 14’s Valentine’s Day Paul Pape is making Chocolate Miis! You can get a set of Mii Chocolates with the Wii-style box for $14.95 plus shipping.

To quote the contents: “This box of candy has it all. In fact, the box is even part of the gift. Crafted to look like a miniature Wii with the message ‘Wii belong together, you and Mii’ written on the top, the box opens to reveal two chocolate Miis with little red-hot hearts on their shirts. You can choose to have the traditional boy and girl grouping, or any combination of the two, so give the gift to a loved one or share with a friend.”

By the way, for something more personal, the store also offers hand painted personalized 6″ Mii sculptures of your own Mii avatar.