Final Fantasy 12 cheats to unlock the Zodiac Spear, Sky Pirate Den Figurines and Fishing Spots

7 January 2008
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Final Fantasy XII for PS2Read below to find out how to unlock extras, some through cheats, in Final Fantasy XII including the Zodiac Spear, Fishing Spots and all the Sky Pirate Den figurines.

How to Make Characters Stronger at Lower Levels

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  • To make your characters much stronger at low levels, complete all Gambit portions of the license chart and get all the physical lores. After completing that, your characters will be very strong. For example, if you are level 37 and completed that portion, you will be able to defeat level 45 to 48 monsters.

    How to Perform Easier Quickenings

    To perform Quickenings more easily, hold R2 when Triangle, Square, and X are not displayed, then quickly tap Triangle + Square + X. This will assist in capturing more repeat attacks, multiplying the damage you inflict on enemies.

    How To Use Less MP for Quickenings

    First of all you need to remove everyone but one member from the active party list. Perform the Quickening, then once it expires and all MP is gone for that character, add another character with full MP to your party (two total characters now). Initiate their Quickening, then continue rotating in and out one character with full MP. This will enable you to use character Quickenings over and over again without draining everyone’s MP at once. You can use other character’s Quickenings regardless of whether they have MP or not as long as the one who initiated the act has MP. If you do this with all characters having MP, they will all lose their MP Max, which cuts down attack value by three times. – Thanks to Titus7 for the tip

    Final Fantasy XII Artwork

    How to Have Near invincibility

    You must have two (or more) party members to perform this trick for near immortality. Set all party member’s Gambits to “If HP is less than 70” and “Cure” equal. Your party members will now constantly cure you and your MP will always regenerate. If you run out of MP, add another Gambit to use potions “If HP is less than 30”. – Thanks to FFFan for the tips

    How to Quickly Refill MP

    To quickly generate MP, run in a tight circle, and you will see your MP refill at a faster rate.

    How to Get Easy Experience and Gil

    While going through the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, go to the northern most part of The Sandscale Bank. You will encounter an enemy named Bagolys. They are worth 448 to 676 experience points each and can drop Bent Staffs, which are worth approximately 1,300 Gil each. Fight them, leave, then come back. Repeat this as much as desired.

    On the mission of the Blue Basilisk “Nidhogg”, one of the parts of the roads is a place where lots of skeletons keep appearing. If they stop, go off two maps then return. The skeletons will respawn. This requires a lot of patience, but it will result in both experience points and Gil because you get Bone Fragments and Iron Helms which sell for 182 and 300 Gil respectively.

    Use the following trick for easy mid-game Gil and LP. After you complete Henne Mines, get the Fira spell. Go to the southeastern Pithead Junction. Push the button and kill all the Jelly Fiends. Then flee, to not break the chain, up and west two rooms total to make the Jelly Fiends respawn. Then flee back and kill them again. To obtain a higher chain quicker, try not to pick up any loot until you have killed the all. Fira is recommended, as it is an area damage and they are weak against fire. When you have about 99 Yellow Liquid, teleport to Eruyt Village. You should have gotten a lot of teleport stones as well. Sell all the loot, teleport back, and repeat. One round should take about twenty minutes and result in 60,000 Gil plus a lot of LP and experience.

    How to Level Up Faster

    If your characters are strong, consider removing one or two from the active party list. This will enable you to get more experience from enemies instead of it also going to the other characters. A 200 EXP monster, for instance, can turn into a 900 EXP for your character by removing two characters from the active party list.

    How to Get Feather of the Flock:

    When in the Giza Plains during the Rain season, there are five withered trees on the banks of the water. Knock them all down and they will float down the river and cause a path to form in the south bank. Cross it and go all the way to the southeast corner to find an urn. Open it and you will get the Feather Of The Flock. It gives you a bond with Cockatrices.

    How to unlock the Zodiac Spear

    The Zodiac Spear is the most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy XII. It’s also the hardest one to get (actually it’s virtually impossible) unless you know exactly what you are doing. And if you opened every treasure chest you came across, then you are probably out of luck.

    To get the Zodiac Spear, you must NOT open four specific treasure chests. These Treasure Chests are:

    1) The treasure chest in Lowtown, outside of Old Dalan’s place
    2) When sneaking into the palace (Before getting the Goddess Tear), there are several chests in the Cellar. Do not open the two chests in the southeast corner.
    3) All treasure chests in the Confiscatory (the place where you get your weapons and armor back after being captured)
    4) In the Phon Coast, later in the game, there is an island with 16 chests all near each other. The 4th chest that must NOT be opened is among these, so it is best to leave them all alone. They only contain Gil anyway.

    If you’ve left all these treasures be, you’ll find the Zodiac Spear in the Necrohol of Nabudis. What is so special about this spear? Well it sports a whopping +150 attack and, like all spears, +8 Evasion

    List of the Rarest Bazaar Items From Loot:

    All merchants in the game take part in the Bazaar system. The Bazaar often offers exclusive deals and bargains based upon the amount of loot you have sold to merchants. The loot is used to make item packages that are often cheaper than normal, or are exclusive to the Bazaar. The rarest Bazaars are from collecting the following loot:

    Ancient Turtle (1337): Drops from Adamantitan in Cerobi Steppe and Nabreus
    Shell: Deadlands; poach from Silicon Tortoise in Giza Plains
    Aquarius Gem (150): Drops from Golem in the Feywood
    Arcana (10): Drops from rare monsters; drops from all monsters after obtaining Canopic Jar
    Beastlord Horn (1334): Drops from Humbaba in Mosphoran Highwaste
    Cancer Gem (150): Drops from Preying mantis in the Feywood
    Capricorn Gem (150): Steal from Neglamer
    Charged Gizzard: Drops from Thunderbug in the Henne Mines
    Chimera Head: Drops from Chimera brain in the Pharos
    Coeurl Whisker: Drops from Ose in Great Crystal upper layer; steal from Grimalkin in Tchita Uplands
    Corpse Fly: Drops from Dragon Lich in the Pharos
    Damascus Steel: Dropped or stolen from Bune in the Pharos; steal from Vishno in the Pharos; steal from Anchang in Paramina Rift; steal from Bluesang in Cerobi Steppe
    Deimos Clay: Reward for the clan hunt “Paramina Run”
    Dorsal Fin: Drops from Focalor in the Nabreus Deadlines
    Empyreal Soul: Sell High Arcana x1: Soul Powder x1: Wargod’s Band x2
    Feystone: Dropped or stolen from Entite monsters
    Gemini Gem: Drops from Behemoth in the Feywood and Giruvegan; drops from Blood Gigas in the Stillshrine of Miriam; steal from Wendice
    Godslayer’s Badge: Reward for final clan hunt
    Great Serpent’s Fang: Drops from Python in Mosphoran Highwaste
    Hell-Gate’s Flame: Drops from Cerberus in the Feywood
    High Arcana: Sell Arcana x10: Soul of Thamasa x1: Feystone x1 to Bazaar; drops from many monsters after obtaining key item Canopic Jar
    Horakhty’s Flame: Reward for clan hunt “Crime And Punishment”
    Leshach Halcyon: Dropped or stolen from Leshach Entitie in Paramina Rift during snowstorm
    Libra Gem: Drops from Ose in Great Crstal upper layer; drops from Tartarus in the Feywood
    LuShang’s Badge: Successfully complete the fishing mini-game
    Mirror Scale: Drops from Mirrorknight in the Feywood; drops from Dreadguard in the Feywood
    Moondust: Drops from Mu in the Feywood
    Mythrill: Drops from Mythrill Golem in Giruvegan
    Omega Badge: Drops from Omega MK: X11 in Great Crystal upper layer
    Orichalcum: Drops from Deidar in the Pharos; dropped or stolen from Vishno in the Pharos
    Phobos Glaze: Reward for clan hunt “Paradise Risen”
    Ring Wyrm Liver: Drops from Shield Wyrm in Cerobi Steppe
    Sagittarius Gem: Drops from Hecteyes in the Henne Mines east section; dropped or stolen with Thief’s Cuffs from Oiling in the Stilshrine of Miriam
    Salamand Halcyon: Dropped or stolen from Salamand Entite in the Ogir-Yensa
    Sandsea During Sunny Weather: Reward for Gibbs and Deweg side quest
    Scarletite: Drops from Emeralditan in Nabreus Deadlands; steal from Aspidochelon in Cerobi Steppe
    Scorpio Gem: Steal from Gargoyle Baron in Giruvegan; steal from Larva Eater in Great Crystal upper layer
    Serpent Eye: Drops from Basilisk in the Feywood
    Serpentarius: Clan reward for collecting all 13 Espers; steal from Zodiark in the Henne Mines east section; sell High Arcana x1: Snake Skin x4: Serpent Eye x2 to Bazaar
    Sickle Blade: Drops from Preying Mantis in the Feywood; steal from Rageclaw in the Salikawood

    How to Unlock All the Sky Pirate Den Figurines

    Ashe – Awarded for having the average party level over 50.
    Ba’Gamnan – Awarded for completing the hunt catalog.
    Balthier – Awarded for attacking 300 times.
    Basch – Awarded for killing 500 foes.
    Belias – Awarded for obtaining every esper.
    Carrot – Awarded for defeating the monster, Carrot.
    Chocobo – Awarded for walking 50,000 steps.
    Crystal – Awarded for obtaining every character’s magics.
    Dalan – Awarded for completing every map.
    DeathGaze – Awarded for defeating the monster, Death Gaze.
    Fafnir – Awarded for defeating the monster, Fafnir.
    Fran – Awarded for using magic 200 times.
    Gabranth – Awarded for initiating every fusion technique.
    Gilgamesh – Awarded for defeating the monster, Gilgamesh.
    Gurdy – Awarded for using/spending 1,000,000 gil.
    Hell Wyrm – Awarded for defeating the monster, Devil Dragon.
    King Behemoth – Awarded for defeating the monster, King Behemoth.
    Migelo – Awarded for selling 1000 loot.
    Mimic? – Unlock and buy all Monographs and Canopic Jar, also create and buy several Bazaar items to unlock.
    Montblanc – Awarded for attaining (monster) chain level 50.
    Penelo – Awarded for getting 100,000 gil.
    Rasler – Awarded for mastering all character’s license board.
    Reks – Awarded for earning 500,000 clan points.
    Trickster – Awarded for defeating the monster, Trickster.
    Ultima – Awarded for defeating the esper, Ultima.
    Vaan – Awarded for stealing 50 times from enemies.
    Vayne – Awarded for using techniques 100 times.
    Vossler – Awarded for obtaining every character’s techniques.
    Yazmat – Awarded for defeating the monster, Yazmat.
    Zodiac – Awarded for defeating the esper, Zodiac.

    Your reward for unlocking all of these figurines is the ability to achieve the Order of Ambrosia Rank, which also may require: Completing all hunts and attaining 1 million Clan Points. Your reward for attaining the Order of Ambrosia Rank includes a Centurio Hero’s Badge and 3 Teleport Stones.

    Final Fantasy XII Artwork - Cast

    How to Get The Fishing Mini-Game

    Get the Barheim Key, then go to the Dalmasca Eastersand Gate Crystal section and talk to Ruxera, who is looking at the river wanting to fish. Next, go to the south-east section of Port of Balfonheim, which is the road to Airship Terminal. Find the old fishing man around the crates area and talk to him twice, then choose the first option. Move away from the old man, but do not leave this area yet. After a bit, go back to the same place and the old man will be gone. Examine the fishing rod there to get Muramata. Go back to Dalmasca Eastersand and give the Muramata to Ruxera to start the fishing mini-game.

    How to Unlock All Fishing Spots
    When you obtain the Fishing Mini-Game for the first time, you are only able to fish in the Lower Reaches fishing spot. There are however more spots available to fish once you obtain certain requirements.

    Here is how to unlock all the Fishing Spots:

    Master Den – Fish up Cactoid Crest un the Secret Reaches
    Middle Reaches – Get 5 perfect fishing in the Lower Reaches
    Secret Reaches – Fish up Cactoid Bond in the Upper Reaches with Matamune
    Taikou Chest (treasure) – Get 9 perfect fishing in the Master Den
    Upper Reaches – Get 5 perfect fishing in the Middle Reaches

    Here is a 50-Minutes Guide to Hunting Yiazmat:

    How to Get Grand Armor Using a Good Tactic:

    Timeline for Acquiring Espers
    The following shows times when you can get or receive Espers.

    1. Before you receive the Dawn Shard

    Belias (in story line)

    2. After you receive the dawn Shard

    Adrammelech (side quest)
    Cuchulainn (side quest)
    Zalera (side quest)
    Mateus (in story line)

    3. After Judge Bergan has fallen

    Zeromus (side quest)

    4. After Sakikawood Gate is fixed

    Exodus (side quest)

    5. After Visiting Archades

    Chaos (side quest)
    Shemhazai (in story line)

    6. After receiving the Treaty-Blade

    Ultima (side quest)
    Zodiark (side quest)
    Hashmaul (in story line)
    Famfrit (in story line)

    References to other Final Fantasy Games

    1. Explore around Rabanastre. You may get to a place called Nalbina Fortress. Once there you can actually meet imperials named Gibbs and Deweg, which are the names Biggs and Wedge scrambled. Those names also appear in previous Final Fantasy games.

    2. During the fight with Gilgamesh (the rank VII mark given to you by Montblanc named “Ancient Mystery Man”), he will pull out various swords that are from previous Final Fantasy games. Since Gilgamesh has eight arms, he holds them all at once. The most famous swords include Cloud’s Buster Sword, Squall’s Gunblade, Tidus’ Brotherhood, and Sephiroth’s Masamune. For some reason, all of these swords have some alterations to their previous forms. For example, Cloud’s Buster Sword has a huge Japanese symbol on it. Tidus’ Brotherhood has a hook at the end of the blade on both sides instead of just the bladed part. It is possible the swords are alterations because after Gilgamesh is defeated, in the Bestiary it states that it is not proven that all of the swords Gilgamesh owns are authentic.

    3. In the City Of Arcades, one of the NPCs refers to an acting troupe by the name of Tantulus. This is the same acting troupe that Zidane belongs to in Final Fantasy 9.

    4. If you return to Rabanastre after leaving Balfonhiem, there is a NPC located across from Migelo’s Sundries. He makes a claim that his friend counted people attending the fete at the beginning of the game. He says that the count might even include the “spoony bards”. This is a reference to the classic Final Fantasy 4 line spoken by Cecil, “Oh, you spoony bard.”

    5. There are a lot of references to Aeons from Final Fantasy 10. There are two airships called The Ifrit and The Shiva. These are the names of the second and fourth Aeons obtained in Final Fantasy 10. There is a place called Sky Fortress Bahamut. Bahamut is the name of the fifth Aeon you receive in Final Fantasy 10. Finally, one of Montibecs elite marks is Ixion. That is the third Aeon obtained in Final Fantasy 10.

    7. When you sneak into the palace close to the start of the game, Barthelio says “Ifrit”, referring to the Aeon Ifrit in Final Fantasy 10 and X-2.

    8. Before you originally go to the Golmore Jungle, there is a quick scene with several of the judges. One of them mentions a man Judge Jecht. This is a reference to Sir Jecht, who is Tidus’ father and also Sin in Final Fantasy 10.

    9. At the beginning of the game, just after the first Boss battle, you can hear the pilot of the Air Cutter referred to as Tonberry. In Final Fantasy 10, Master Tonberry is an enemy in the Omega Ruins.

    10. Montblanc is the name of a Moogle in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. They are both the leaders of the guilds.

    11. Most of the airships are named after the Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy 8. Some examples of these are the Empire ships Leviathan and Alexander.

    12. There is an Esper called Ultima. This a reference to a former spell in Final Fantasy 10. It was one of the strongest spells you had, just like Ultima is one of the strongest Espers you can get.

    13. While doing the clan hunts, one of the ranks you get is called “Knight Of The Round”. This is a reference to the red Materia summon in Final Fantasy 7 called Knights Of The Round.

    14. There is a Moogle mechanic named Nono. There is also a Moogle mechanic named Nono in Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance.


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