Jade Empire 2 already in development at BioWare

Jade Empire for XboxRay Muzyka, co-CEO of BioWare, back in 2005 talked about a Jade Empire sequel to the action-RPG with martial arts fighting. But in the past week the Mercury News confirmed a contact of theirs at BioWare saw code for Jade Empire 2 on the Xbox 360! But since EA bought BioWare, it might also appear on PC and PS3.

“Jade Empire was BioWare’s second big game for the Xbox, following the exclusive Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic title in 2003. Jade Empire launched in spring 2005 on the Xbox. That means the team that created it has probably had a couple of years to work on it. During that time, I would guess that Microsoft secured it as an exclusive and they developed the game for that platform,” reports the Mercury News. — Thanks for the tip Mike