Secret Files: Tunguska adventure game release nears for Wii and DS

19 December 2007
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Secret Files: Tunguska for PCSecret Files: Tunguska is a PC adventure game from developer Fusionsphere Systems that is coming to both the Wii & Nintendo DS. Publishing duties will be handled by The Adventure Company in the U.S. and Deep Silver in Europe.

Here is the storyline: On the morning of the 30 June, 1908, hundreds of eyewitnesses observed inexplicable and previously unseen phenomena in the skies above the Tunguska region. Just a few minutes later, several huge explosions with the destructive force of 2,000 Hiroshima bombs shattered the stillness of the boundless central Siberian highlands. In just a short space of time, a flaming inferno reduced everything to dust and ashes, and an unimaginable blast wave snapped trees like matchsticks, hurling the inhabitants of a settlement 20 km away, and their reindeer, through the air. Despite countless expeditions, no crater and no meteorite parts have ever been found; scientists today are still searching for answers. In the Secret Files: Tunguska adventure game, attractive mechanic Nina Kalenkov sets out on a dangerous quest to find her missing father. The search puts her on the trail of the secrets and conspiracies that surround the Tunguska Phenomenon.

Not a lot is known about these new versions, but here are the game features of the PC version:
* Classic Point and Click Adventure centered around the Tunguska Phenomenon
* Combination of 2D/3D animation (2D backgrounds for ultimate detail; 3D characters for soft animations and atmospheric light and shadow effects in real time)
* Cinematic full-screen intro and cut-scene videos
* Facial animation for realistic rendering of emotions and speech
* Wide-Screen perspective

Hopefully the Wii and DS versions will share the same specs above. It has been confirmed that they will share the same storyline and gameplay as the PC version but will be tailor-made for Nintendo console & handheld and take advantage of their capabilities, no word though on what kind of Wii Remote or touch-screen motions will be used. On the Nintendo DS the game is expected before Christmas and in early 2008 for the Wii.

Here’s the newest trailer of the PC version from Germany.

And here’s another trailer from 2006:


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