This month’s VGB competition money is donated to Child’s Play, who have now raised over $825,000!

Child's Play logoThis month you might have noticed Video Games Blogger didn’t have our one or two monthly game prize competition. The reason for this is that we’ll be donating that $100 to Child’s Play charity, who give gamers the chance to donate games, movies, books and toys to sick kids in hospitals everywhere via Amazon wish lists. Please consider donating yourself.

Here’s the stuff we donated to the Arizona Children’s Center at Maricopa in Phoenix, USA. Our donations included the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, High School Musical 2 CD, Jungle Book DVD, Dora the Explorer Sticker book, Sesame Street Where Is Elmo? book, Aladdin DVD, and a Pocahontas DVD!

In addition to the $600,000 already donated to the Child’s Play charity through the wish lists, independent events, and direct donations, last night’s charity dinner gala brought in an additional $225,000, putting the total donated so far at over $825,000! Let’s hope that, like last year, the annual event will reach $1 million.

Penny-Arcade‘s Tycho describes some of the auction events: “During an unbelievable Bungie auction – a USNC issue ordnance bag that contained literally every piece of Halo 3 merchandise ever created – Frankie O’Connor approached the stage to sweeten the deal, offering the high bidder the coveted Recon Armor in addition. Valve approached the stage during their own item, appending the coveted Weighted Companion Cube and a tour of the office. These things happened dynamically, part of no official plan. And the throng responded – fiscally. Offers to bid on my pants were politely declined.”