Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn review video (Wii)

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for WiiThree years have passed since the great war that ended in the death of Mad King Ashnard. His country of Daein suffers under the rule of the war’s victors. Now in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, a small band of freedom fighters struggle to end the long, dark night of Daein’s oppression. Micaiah, Sothe and a host of others — the infamous “Dawn Brigade” — rally under the banner of Daein’s long-lost prince to bring a new day to this ravaged land.

The best-selling strategy RPG title makes its Wii debut, with 16:9 widescreen support, newly added for the North American version, bringing a truly epic experience. Command the Dawn Brigade and learn the story of their struggle. Then, gain a new perspective by joining Ike and the Greil Mercenaries as they watch Daein’s battles spread throughout all of Tellius. Players can shape their armies to suit their strategy by choosing from dozens of unique characters. Players can also build support relationships between their characters – as their relationships grow, so do their strengths as they fight together on the battlefield.

Has the latest Fire Emblem dug itself a niche that’s a little too deep? Find out in this Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn video review.

To quote the video review: “Radiant Dawn might be impressive in its systems and structure, but there’s not much to brag about on the presentation front. The game shows no real improvement over the previous GameCube game, which may not be as much of a problem if not for the first game’s unimpressive audio/visual package. The high point is the animation, which can be turned off, but the soundtrack and the visuals lack punch and feel, for lack of a better term, dated.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is a game designed for hardcore fans with very few allowances made for people who aren’t yet familiar with the series. The game has a solid set of mechanics and challenging gameplay, but it doesn’t make much of an effort appeal to casual fans looking to get a taste of meticulous tactical maneuvering. If you’re thirsting for a challenge, you’ll find it. If you’re hesitant to join up, this isn’t your war.”

Story — 5.1
Design — 7.5
Gameplay — 7.7
Presentation — 7.4
Overall — 7.3