No Dreamcast 2 says Sega after patent rumors (aka 9-9-2009 believe!)

10 December 2007
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Sega Dreamcast Console still available at AmazonSorry Sega fans, no Dreamcast 2 for you. Sega denied rumors that they would be getting back into hardware manufacturing of videogame consoles.

Senior Sega US spokesman Charlie Scibetta clarified the situation by explain that the company “has no plans to get back into the console business because it’s very happy being a platform agnostic company.”

Rumors first began circulating when it was revealed that Sega had updated its Dreamcast trademark with a selection of seemingly random tech terms, such as “floor pads” and “flash memory cards”. The trademark was updated in August 2007, reports the Register.

Since there are still (unofficial) games being published for the Dreamcast into 2008, the “9-9-2009! Believe!” Sega fanboys will probably keep the fire burning in hopes of a next-gen Dreamcast 2.


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