First Golden Axe: Beast Rider details explain differences between the classic and the upcoming PS3 & Xbox 360 game

27 November 2007
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Tyris Flare from 2D to 3D in Golden Axe: Beast RiderThe UK’s PlayStation 3 Magazine reports the first details about Sega and Secret Level’s new Golden Axe game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Instead of a straight 2D to 3D remake, you’re getting something new. While the hack ‘n slash combat with combos and spells is still there, instead of the original game’s trio of fantasy stereotypes, you now play as an Amazonian hero; the scantily clad Tyris Flare. Gillus the dwarf and Ax Battler are still in the game, but only as supporting cast.

Instead of straight-forward bruising, Golden Axe: Beast Rider’s focus shifts over to free-roaming nice-looking open environments with various beasts you can ride and battle on. There are five beasts in total, ranging from the light and nippy to hulking, slow dragons with huge scales. Release is set for 2008. — Via PSM3


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