X, Star Fox, Star Fox 2 video interview with developer Dylan Cuthbert

Star Fox for SNESIn this video interview with former Argonaut Software games developer Dylan Cuthbert you find out about the first 3D wireframe shooting game “X” Commander (1990-1992) on the original Nintendo GameBoy. And the resulting history of “Star Fox” (1993) and the SNES graphics chip Super FX and how they made that 3D shooter happen together with Nintendo.

Keep an eye out for the Winter Consumer Electronics Show 1993 that unveiled Star Fox, the laser setup was beautiful. It gets even better near the end when he talks about Shigeru Miyamoto’s habit of cutting things from games if they don’t fit, or worse, his cancellation of “Star Fox 2” because better 3D consoles like the PlayStation, Saturn and then-upcoming Nintendo 64 were already outperforming the 3D SNES graphics.

Enjoy, it’s absolutely fascinating! Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it fullscreen.

By the way, Mr. Cuthbert ended up quitting UK’s Argonaut Software in 1995 (after joining in 1988) and working for Sony in America & Japan for a few years on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. After which he started his own studio as president called Q-Games in 2001 (working for both Nintendo & Sony), which is where this Points 02 Gamevideos interview was filmed in Japan.