Instructions to fix the Gears of War PC update problem

Gears of War for PCMicrosoft send out a note of a problem with the Gears of War PC “automatic update” that happens when you first play the just released awesome FPS game on PC.

It turns out that after the update is downloaded, you’re put back to the main menu of the game. But if you don’t shut down the game, the update won’t complete. There’s two ways to get over this bump. The easiest is to simply shut down the game after the update is downloaded (you’ll know it’s safe because you’ll be back at the main menu, and not on the “Don’t shut down your PC while the update is being downloaded” screen). As soon as you close the game, the update will install automatically and you’re good to go. The second option is to manually install the latest Games for Windows LIVE update (click link).

Here’s a step by step walkthrough of what happens if you choose the first option:
1. Start “Gears of War” for Windows (from Start Menu)
2. Once the game starts, press the “Home” key to open the Game for Windows — LIVE Guide
3. Sign-in using an existing Xbox LIVE account, or create a new Games for Windows — LIVE account (this will redirect you to a browser window, if you choose to create an account)
4. Once signed into LIVE, the user will be prompted to update the Games for Windows — LIVE version on their machine. Select the “Yes, Update Now” option
5. Wait for the opening cinematic with the Epic Logo and the Microsoft Games Studio splash screen to play
6. Once on the main Title Screen, press “Enter” to go to the Main Menu
7. On the Main Menu, quit out of the game
8. Once you quit out of the game, the Games for Windows — LIVE System Update will kick off. Wait for that install to complete.
9. Once that is complete, start the game again. You will have to re-login to Games for Windows – LIVE again

Microsoft Game Studios is working on a title update to be released in the near future, that will allow users to avoid manually exiting Gears of War to apply the update. Gamerscoreblog ends the note by saying this is a one-time update anyway, but let’s hope it’s a one-time mistake too, you know, like the fact the PC version doesn’t have dedicated servers to fight lag. Ok so that was a bit snappy, let’s point out what’s extra in the PC version over the Xbox 360 version: three new multi-player maps, five new single-player chapters which describe events of Delta Squad escaping a giant Brumak between acts four and five (which Mark Rein claims is “about 20% extra” over the existing Xbox 360 content), new game modes, a game editor, and Games for Windows LIVE support integrated into Unreal Engine 3.