Top 7 Most Delayed Games Ever

3 November 2007
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Prey for PCDevelopment times vary from game to game. But which companies take the cake when it comes to the longest development cycles or most delayed games? This list even starts with a game that was over a decade in the making before being released, and it’s not even Duke Nukem Forever! Every game in the list has a link to its development history. Here it goes:

1. Prey (3D Realms, 1995 – 2006)
2. Duke Nukem Forever (3D Realms, 1997 – Present)
3. Team Fortress 2 (Valve, 1998 – 2007)
4. Too Human (Silicon Knights, 1999 – Present)
5. Galleon (Confounding Factor, 1997 – 2004)
6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (GSC Game World 2001 – 2007)
7. StarCraft: Ghost (Blizzard, 2002 – Present)

For more background on each game read CVG. But be afraid, very afraid of Prey, because 3D Realms has already announced Prey 2. Release date 2017?


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