Alone in the Dark 5 preview and cinematic central park trailer

Alone in the Dark 5 logoAlone in the Dark 5 is the latest game in the long-running series (which was the first 3D horror game, preceding Resident Evil) and will be hitting Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and DS in early 2008.

Details on the game are still relatively scarce. It will however contain an open-world, set in modern day (and at least partially in New York as the trailer below reveals) where players, as series protagonist Edward Carnby, can undertake a variety of activities. Including stealing cars (via a hotwire mini-game, succeed and the car is stolen, fail and it will alert nearby enemies), instead of being confined to a narrow path. The game will also make extensive use of physics for gameplay, something the survival horror genre hasn’t experimented with to a large degree. New mechanics and a different play-style will also separate the new installment.

Developer Eden Games has mentioned that they want the structure of the game to be similar to television shows like 24 and Alias and that the storyline will be presented as “episodic content completely structured to the gameplay.”

This new trailer is very cinematic, and definitely creepy, but sadly shows no gameplay footage.