Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G preview for PSP in Japan

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G for PSP logoMonster Hunter Portable 2nd G, yes another new Monster Hunter game, is in development for Sony’s portable and is scheduled to hit that system in March in Japan. It was originally announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2007, where a few details were announced including that this new game would have new missions and monsters (natch). There will be new “G class” quests to undertake, as well as new varieties of quests.

Also assured is the fact that players can transfer their saved data from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd to 2nd G, and it will be a fully featured game, not a half-baked update. Lastly, it will include a new never-before-seen system for the series. And it will probably have to do with the series’ feline mascot Ailu.

Getting another Monster Hunter game is good news for Sony’s PSP portable, cause the Monster Hunter series is phenomenally popular in Japan where the game has amazed huge sales. So it will definitely help PSP sales to have another Monster Hunter game coming.

You may also remember that Capcom recently announced that they have shifted Monster Hunter 3 from PS3 to Wii. Previously the game was a PS3 exclusive, but Capcom scrapped that version altogether and is bringing it instead to Nintendo’s best-selling console. — Via Kotaku