Silent Hill V music interview with composer Akira Yamaoka

Silent Hill 5 logoThe music in the Silent Hill games has always been a huge part of the franchise. What would the games be without it’s haunting, other-worldly score? Which was a big part of my enjoyment of the second game, which you can read about in my Silent Hill 2 review.

The music in Silent Hill is definitely unique, you really can’t compare it to the music in any other video game series, because it is wholly unique and original and really took game music as a whole in an entirely new direction.

In this interview straight from the E for All Expo series composer Akira Yamaoka talks about the music of the Silent Hill franchise. How it differs from other game music, why it’s so beloved by fans, what his goal is, how he gets his inspiration, where video game music is going and what he hopes for, what he does at Konami and of course, where he plans to take the music in Silent Hill V.

Silent Hill 5 is set for release in 2008 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.